Jyotirmoy Saha

Jyotirmoy Saha


Jyotirmoy is serving on the AIPRO executive committee for the first time in the tenure of the current elected board. During his time at the committee he hopes to contribute towards:

Much of the above initiatives are already underway. The association hopes to deliver substantially in these areas before the end of the tenure of its current executive committee.

Jyotirmoy Saha (Moy), is an experienced media & technology professional and the Founder & CEO of August Media Holdings. Under his leadership the company has risen to a leadership position in the South East Asian kids IP business, with titles on air in 120+ countries. Moy has been credited in over 50 film & TV titles, many of which have recieved several awards including Emmy nominations. Moy holds board positions in the Synergy88 Group of companies (Philippines); a Singapore based IP focussed private equity fund and an upcoming vocational education institute. Moy is also the founder of the upcoming OTT start-up – Tapow™.

Before August Media, Moy had been the co-CEO of Sparky Animation, Senior VP at UTV (nka Walt Disney (India)) and also CTO at UTV International’s Sharkstream. In his 12 years with the UTV group, he led the creation, development and growth of several content businesses.

Moy holds an MBA degree and a Masters in Physics. He lives in Singapore with his family, enjoys astronomy and the odd Nerf Gun battle with his kids.

Favourite Quote:

A person who never made a mistake has never tried anything new.

Albert Einstein