William Lim

William Lim


William has been in the executive committee for three terms. He is currently serving as Vice-President, in particular areas of:

William is an established media practitioner with over two decade of experience in the field of arts and media. Before being enthralled by the magic of filmmaking, he explored his creative impulses as a student of architecture. After getting his Masters in Architecture, he went on to study the dark arts of film editing and was awarded the FMS Prize for outstanding performance.

William started XTREME Media in 1997 and the company has since then produced countless media productions in a wide multitude of genres and languages. He has done work for both local and international channels and many of his works have won regional and international accolade.

Besides dabbling between the arts and media, William spend his spare time conniving of ways to make the world a better place. In 2016, William ventured his business in the online arena and founded the startup XUICE.ORG, a global crowd-funding site for social causes.

Favourite Quote:

The Pursuit of Excellence Makes Life Worth Living.